Ground Level Container Ramp

Modular Rubber Ground Level Container Ramp

Our heavy duty, modular Ground Level Container Ramps have been one of our top selling loading ramps this year. With a 10,000kg capacity, they are the perfect shipping container ramp,  allowing forklifts and pallet trucks easy access in and out of containers. The rubber container ramp is a modular system, complied of 16 key pieces to easily allow the ramp to be put together and removed by one person. They are provided with bone connectors to easily connect the pieces together, creating one ramp with a total width of 2200mm. Ground level container ramp modular peice

Ramp Specification 

The standard ground level container access ramp was designed for a maximum load height of 150mm, the average shipping container height. Due to high demand, we have increased our range and now provide the kit for heights up to 300mm, these can be viewed here. connections for our modular rubber container ramp

The Benefits

As it is made from rubber, the ramp can be used come rain or shine! Moreover, the rubber helps to reduce the noise of the forklift meaning it is more appeasing for the ears than when aluminium ramps are being used! Customers have reported the rubber container ramps also reduce the risk of potential damage to the flooring below the ramp which some metal ramps can cause. The ramp is of course provided with our 1 year warranty and free delivery within mainland UK. rubber container loading ramp