Lightweight Loading Ramps

New Non Folding Lightweight Loading Ramps

If you need a ramp for occasional use only and only for garden machinery or leisure machinery the cheese grater non folding ramps are the ramps you should go for. The Ramp People are always look to improve our product offering and in 2016 we plan several new products and ranges. Our main production facility in Europe has developed a new product which is similar to our existing range of cheese grater non-folding domestic ramps. The New Non Folding Lightweight Loading Ramps range is stronger than our existing range with higher European production quality. Despite the improved quality and capacities prices remain the same. These portable non folding lightweight loading ramps are suitable for various materials and machinery for gardening and leisure. They are designed according to the most restrictive safety criteria of the EN 1398 regulations and are tested according to TUV Rheinland parameters while manufactured entirely in Italy. So we have relatively short waiting times on deliveries and are therefore more flexible. The ramps are available straight or curved in the lengths 1485mm - 2990mm and can carry up to 1000kg whilst covering loading heights between 383mm up to 900mm. The New Non Folding Lightweight Loading Ramps have been introduced already on the website already and we expect them to arrive in our warehouse in the second week of April.  TUV Logo Non Folding Ramp