Speed Bump Kits installed

New Speed Bump Kits

Speed bumps are a popular and practical solution to a range of traffic calming problems. From enforcing residential speed limits to reducing accidents in commercial or public areas, speed bumps can help protect both drivers and pedestrians. As we expand our already versatile speed bump range, let’s look at why these simple products make such a good traffic calming solution.

The benefits of speed bumps

The aim of speed bumps is to reduce speed often to as little as 5mph or 10mph. This can provide additional safety in areas that usually see high pedestrian footfall, especially areas with a high number of vulnerable pedestrians. Typically, this includes the elderly or children who are much more at risk from misjudging distances and crossing roads at a slower pace. In these areas, a reduced speed limit can introduce some vital added security that could help to reduce accidents. Speed bumps can also help to reduce speed limits in areas where vehicle collisions might be more likely. This could be in areas with high traffic volumes of cars that are going at slower speeds or in other residential areas where a road might be especially dangerous. Tight bends and low visibility streets benefit the most from a speed bump solution, as well as roads where vehicles often break a residential speed limit and collisions occur. Compared to their ‘softer’ speed cushion and speed hump cousins, speed bumps are a less gentle option that are perfect for areas where a low speed limit is essential to safety. Speed bumps can also be used together along a part of a road, a whole road or even an entire area that requires reduced speed. This helps to ensure that a lower speed is kept to consistently, reducing the chances of accidents and collisions from sudden speed changes in areas of considerable risk.

Where you might use speed bumps

A speed bump solution can be ideal for many situations, but you will typically see them used in the following areas:

  • Outside schools, leisure centres and other public areas where more vulnerable people might be at risk.
  • In residential areas where families and other at-risk people may often be walking.
  • In areas where cars often break a residential speed limit.
  • Indoor and outdoor car parking spaces where a high volume of usually slow-moving vehicles are at risk of collisions with those breaking the speed limit.

Full speed bump kit

New and improved speed bump kits

Whether you’re looking to improve the safety of a residential area or reduce risk in commercial spaces, our speed bump kits offer the versatility needed to meet any traffic calming need. Our speed bumps cover a selection of different heights as well as a huge selection of different lengths, and now there’s even more to choose from. We’re offering a wider choice of speed bump kits with our entire range now available in lengths up to 9m as well as additional custom sizes available on request. Whether it’s a small width residential road or a large double car park entrance, we’ve got the exact lengths to meet your requirements. We’re also now offering our 50mm and 75m speed bumps in all black or all yellow both with and without end caps. That means more colours and configurations to meet your traffic calming needs. Plus, we offer spare parts and drill bits to cover your speed bump solution long into the future. Speed bump being fitted

High quality speed bumps

Of course, the recent changes to our speed bump range haven’t affected the other great benefits to be had from this traffic calming solution. All our speed bumps are easy to fit and come with fixings for both tarmac and concrete surfaces, suitable for most roads and car park spaces. You’ll also find our standard colours come in high visibility yellow and black plus 8 cats eye reflectors per mid-section to make them safe for both cars and pedestrians, helping to reduce any hazards related to speed bumps. With a high density recycled rubber construction and additional internal steel plate, these speed bumps are highly durable and built to stand the test of time. You can also help to improve the safety of your speed bump solution with our range of speed bump signs. With a highly reflective surface, these speed limit warning signs help to highlight speed bump areas to drivers and reduce any potential hazards from suddenly slowing down. Choose from our basic speed bump signs or our speed limit specified signs.