Top tips for car repair safety

Top tips for car repair safety

Whether you’re a car enthusiast taking care of your pride and joy or carrying out more serious maintenance work in your garage, there are various hazards and potential safety issues you need to be aware of. Car maintenance can be dangerous work and garages can pose their own risks with chemicals or hazardous materials around. It’s important that you keep you, your garage and your car safe during any maintenance with these safety tips.

Preparing your garage for car maintenance

Garages can be dangerous places depending on what you store there and there may some hazards that you’re unaware of especially in larger garages where there may even more space for danger. To make sure that you have a safe space to work on your car you first need to make sure the floor and general areas are clean and tidy. As well as preventing trips and falls, it will also help to make sure that you take stock of what you have in your garage and make not of any hazardous materials. When you do have any hazardous materials or chemicals, make sure you store them properly accordingly to the recommendations.


As well as special storage for certain materials you should also make sure that you tidy tools and other equipment in correct storage containers. Make sure that any draws or racking is securely put together and fastened so that they won’t fall over. It’s also best practice to clearly label drawers and containers so everyone knows what’s in there and can take any necessary precautions before opening drawers or doors.

Another common hazard around garages to be aware of is cables and wires. Check carefully for any damaged or frayed cables and throw away anything that looks like it could be dangerous. You can use cable protectors to help prevent any cables from getting damaged in the future. The great thing about cable protectors is that can highlight any potentially hidden cables or wires and help prevent trip hazards.

Finally, make sure that your garage is well lit before you start any maintenance.


Preparing yourself for car maintenance

Next, make sure that you prepare and protect yourself before carrying out any car maintenance. Protective clothing like overalls as well as gloves and face protection if necessary including goggles or face shields. This can help to keep oil and other substances from staining clothing but even more vitally it helps protect exposed skin from heat, electrical and chemical burns. Also make sure to take off any rings, jewellery, ties and other clothing that could get caught or pose a risk during maintenance.

You should also ensure that any tools you use are safe and insulated properly for any electrical work. If a tool looks damaged, rusty otherwise dangerous, throw it out and replace it immediately. It’s also recommended that you always invest in quality tools and equipment in your garage especially some of the more dangerous ones. Car jacks and other car lifts, for example, can pose a real danger if breaks while in use. Make sure that you this equipment is always in working order, finished to a high quality and is suitable for the car or vehicle you are working. Double-check maximum capacities for any equipment before being used and contact your supplier if in doubt.


Preparing your car for maintenance

Make sure that your car is safe to use before you carry out any maintenance on it with the parking brake on and the gearshift is in park or neutral. Make sure the engine is off if you don’t need it for the work you are carrying out and check that all the car parts you are working on are cool before doing so.

Depending on your work, it’s also a good idea to use additional equipment to make sure that your car is secure before maintenance. Wheel chocks can be used to help stop wheels from shifting forward at all and you should use chains and any other necessary securities if using a car lift.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure there is plenty of ventilation in your garage especially if you are using hazardous chemicals. Make sure there is a fire extinguisher in your garage at all times and keep it handy when carrying out any maintenance. Are you a car enthusiast? If you have a classic car or transport your vehicle around for shows and more, then why not take a look at our wide range car ramps. They’re ideal for transporting vehicles in containers and for helping low vehicles up kerbs and much more.