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Versatile container ramps

Our container ramps are just as popular with car enthusiasts as they are at warehouses and industrial sites not least because of their versatility. Contrary to their name these ramps can be used for more than just loading containers, and their convenient lengths and lightweight build make them perfect for setting up and using quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking to transport your prized sports car by container or need to overcome obstacles and obstructions in an industrial setting, here’s what makes our container ramps so great.

The benefits of our container ramps

You’ll find three main types of everyday container ramp on our website and while they each have their own benefits there are a few things they all have in common.


Our container ramps come stocked in some of the standard container ramp heights making them ideal for loading and unloading shipping containers, but they’re also handy for kerbs, steps and other common obstructions found around industrial sites. Because they’re all relatively compact and easy to set-up, you can easily move any of our container ramps around to multiple locations around a site saving you the need to stock up on multiple ramps for specific obstacles. They also come in a range of capacities up to 10,000kg for almost any type of vehicle and manual machinery. We’ve had car enthusiasts use our container ramps for VW campervans and sports cars alike, while warehouses and industrial sites make use of them for pallet trucks, forklifts, scissor lifts and even heavy machinery like diggers.
Our container ramps are also used as car ramps
A pair of our aluminium container ramps were recently used to store this iconic VW camper van

Ease of use

Whether it's our rubber and wedge ramps or our aluminium container ramps with a range of connection options, all our ramps are easy to set up and use. Whatever the material we’ve ensured that they’re all lightweight and easy to handle so you can quickly maneuverer them into position for fast temporary use and then easily store when needed. Once you’ve read our usage guidelines for safety you can easily use these ramps again and again for instant accessibility.


All our ramps are built to the highest quality and are designed to be extra durable for long-lasting use even in industrial settings with harsher environments. Every aluminium container ramp is designed and built in the EU to ensure safety at all times plus they all come with our standard 1-year warranty. Our container ramps are extremely versatile

Our types of container ramps

The main use of your ramp such as the height and types of vehicle you’ll be using will decide what type of container ramp you need. Here’s our three main types.

Rubber ramps

Max. load heights: 160mm Max. load capacities: 10,000kg Rubber container ramps Our rubber ramps can’t be customised so are more limited in their load heights but make up for it in their simplicity and durability. These tough container ramps are made of recycled tyre rubber and can handle a whopping 10,000kg in load capacities. Their robust wedge shape is designed for long-lasting durability even when loading heavy vehicles time after time. These container ramps come in a modular system with 16 parts that are lightweight and compact, so they can be easily transported and set-up by just one person. Simple bone connecters are quick and easy to safely secure your ramp into its full 220cm width. These rubber ramps are also 90% less noisy than their aluminium alternatives, perfect for warehouses and sites that need to keep noise to a minimum when forklifts are loading.

Wedge ramps

Max. load heights: 120mm standard, custom heights available Max. load capacities: 2,620kg Wedge container ramps Unlike our rubber ramps these simple aluminium wedge ramps can be customised to the load height you need so they perfectly fit your required container or other obstacle. These ramps are like our rubber ramps in their easy of use with the simple robust wedge shape providing a highly durable ramp even for heavy duty use yet is still quick and easy to use and move around to various site locations when needed. Get even more durability with this ramp’s unique chequer plate surface designed for both grip and all-weather endurance. Made from lightweight aluminium, it has been robot welded for a long-lasting effect even when used regularly in an industrial setting. There are both lightweight and heavy-duty versions available, or contact us today to get a bespoke ramp.

Aluminium ramps

Max. load heights: 400mm standard, custom heights available Max. load capacities: 7,500kg aluminium container ramps For a more heavy-duty alternative to our aluminium wedge ramps, our classic aluminium container ramps serve heavier load capacities and come in much higher standard load heights although custom load heights are also available. These ramps are slightly more complex in their set-up but come with our extremely simple default rest-on connection and have the benefit of a range of other connection options as well. Our aluminium container ramps come in a pair as standard and have been fully TUV Certified.

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