Premium Joining Support for Wheelchair Ramps

Innovative, portable, lightweight and convenient . The ramp joining support allows two ramps to be joined together to make a longer ramp.

Suitable for Premium non-fold wheelchair ramps, Premium length fold wheelchair ramps, Premium multi-fold wheelchair ramps and our Premium broadfold wheelchair ramps

Height (mm)110mm - 450mm
Capacity (kg)350

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Product: Premium Joining Support for Wheelchair Ramps

  • Easy to Fit
  • One Year Warranty
£300.00 £250.00
5-7 working days
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Our ramp joining supports are the innovative and portable solution to the need for a longer ramp. They allow you to join together two (or more) of our premium range of wheelchair ramps, creating a longer ramp and allowing access to larger steps.

Not suitable with carbon fiber ramps.

Capacity (kg) 350
Height (mm) 110mm - 450mm
One Year Warranty Yes
Easy to Fit Yes

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