Premium blue wheelchair ramp VAT relief available

VAT relief, discounts and financial support for those with disabilities in the UK

Mobility aids, including wheelchair ramps are eligible for VAT relief to those who are disabled and registered charities.

Within the UK, those with disabilities and registered charities are able to purchase products including wheelchair ramps without the VAT. VAT relief is available on a range of products and services.

What can I claim VAT relief on? 

  • Wheelchair ramps 
  • Mobility aids, for example stairlifts, specialist beds and grab rails
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Computer equipment designed to aid those with disabilities 

How do I claim VAT relief? 

When purchasing the goods, you should let the supplier know that you are eligible for VAT relief. You then should not be charged VAT. For example, when purchasing wheelchair ramps from The Ramp People we have a VAT exemption box at the checkout stage to allow eligible individuals and charities to easily claim VAT relief. VAT relief can also be claimed when placing the order over the phone or via email. 

To learn more about VAT relief please visit the government's VAT relief page

Wheelchair ramp with handrails VAT relief available
wheelchair ramp

What other help is available for those living with disabilities in the UK? 

There are various government scheme available to help those with disabilities. 

Discounts on Travel

Free bus passes for those in England with disabilities

The English National Concessionary Travel scheme provides free bus passes for those with eligible disabilities in England. To check if your area is covered by the scheme, please visit the government website or contact your local council. For those in Lon

Discounted train travel 

Discounted train travel is available on various networks across the UK. For example those with disabilities can get 1/3 off train travel with a disabled persons railcard

Blue badge scheme 

The Blue Badge scheme is designed to help those with disabilities park closer to the areas they wish to visit and park for longer. For example, the blue badge allows users to park in disabled parking bays, park for as long as you need in pay and display areas and park on single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours (limitations do apply in some areas). To learn more visit the government's page on how to get a blue badge

Exemption or discounts on vehicle tax 

Those with disabilities who are entitled to the higher rate of disability living allowance (DLA) or enhanced-rate mobility of personal independent payment (PIP) can qualify for exemptions on paying vehicle tax. Provide your exemption details when applying or renewing your vehicle tax

Support with Medication

Free NHS prescriptions

Those with certain disabilities can gain a medical exemption certificate (MedEx) meaning they do not have to pay for NHS prescriptions. Those entitled to medical exemption certificates include those with cancer, epilepsy and diabetes. You can apply for a medical exemption certification by asking your doctor for a FP92A form. To learn more visit the NHS website

Help at Work

Access to work scheme 

The government run an Access to Work scheme for those with disabilities. The scheme is designed to help those with disabilities get into work, or stay in work. The scheme provides grants to those with disabilities, for example providing funding for taxis to allow you to gain access to work, funding for vehicle adaptations and funding for job coaches. 

Financial Support

Financial support from the government

Financial support from charities

Various charities provide financial and emotional support to those living with disabilities. 



Help around the home

Council tax discounts

Council tax discounts and exemptions are available to those with disabilities and those who live with someone who is disabled. 

Grants to make changes to your home

Disabled Facilities Grants are available for those who are disabled and need to make changes to their home as a result, for example if you wish to widen doors within the home, improve accessibility or build an accessible shower. 

Support from your internet and telephone provider 

Some internet providers offer support to those with disabilities so it is worth talking to your provider. For example talk Talk and BT offer a priority fault repair scheme for those with long-term illnesses and disabilities. 

Join the priority register with your energy supplier

Join the priority services register to be alerted of power cuts and get priority support when these occur. 

Support with your water bill

WaterSure is a scheme for those who use a lot of water due to medical conditions, such as those with incontinence abdominal stomas and Crohn's disease. Through the scheme your water bill will be capped. You can apply for the scheme through your water company, you will need to provide evidence of your condition. 


Out and About

Gain quick access to accessible toilets

Purchase a radar key for around £5.00 to easily gain access to accessible toilets across the UK. 

Visiting a venue? 

If you are visiting a venue, for example going to a music concert, theatre or similar, we suggest contacting the venue in advance. Often they will be able to provide disabled seating and various instances will allow a carer to attend free of charge or at a discounted price. For example, the National Trust allow carers to attend for free. Those with Merlin annual passes are also entitled to complimentary carer passes. Enjoy the cinema? Why not take a friend fee of charge by signing up for a CEA card, a national UK scheme which allows cinema guests to receive a complimentary ticket for a friend at certain cinemas.