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Container Ramps - Custom Solutions

When loading and unloading containers it is important to find the right container ramp for your requirements. We offer an extensive variety of container ramps from off the shelf solutions to custom solutions. Our container ramp range includes rubber container ramps, aluminium container ramps and steel ramps. The ramps can be used to easily load forklifts, plant machinery and pallet trucks into containers and over kerbs.

How to find the right container ramp

The first step to identifying which container ramp you need is to identify you load height. The load height is the vertical measurement from the ground to where the ramp will rest. This height will help us to identify the ramp length you require.

Secondly, check the maximum weight you wish to load. For example, if you are loading a forklift consider the weight of the forklift and any items you may be loading.

Additional items to consider is the ground clearance of your vehicle. Often forklifts and pallet trucks have low ground clearance. Our container ramps are designed with this in mind however, in some instances further customisations are required to ensure you can safely load items with low ground clearance.

Aluminium Container Ramps

Aluminium Container Ramps

Our aluminium container ramps are provided as a pair and come in capacities up to 7500kg. The ramps are TUV certified and designed for heights up to 400mm. These ramps can be customised to your requirements, for example the foot of the ramp can be cut for your specific load height, edges can be included and the connection of the ramp can be amended to, for example a hook connection. Our connection options can be viewed here.

Recently a client bought a pair of our aluminium container loading ramps to load his ride-on-mower into his shed. Due to his load height of 250mm, we customised the ramps to ensure the foot of the ramp would rest securely on the ground during loading, the custom loading ramps can be seen below.


Customised container ramps

Pallet Truck Ramps

When loading pallet trucks into containers, we recommend our pallet truck ramps which are provided with a 1000kg capacity. The ramps are suitable for heights up to 175mm and can be customised to meet your requirements. These ramps are normally in stock available on a next working day delivery service, custom solutions generally take 4-6 weeks.

pallet truck ramp


Container Yard Ramp

Our container yard ramp is perfect for loading and unloading containers at heights of 800mm - 1650mm. The ramps are adjustable in height to meet your requirements and can be provided with handrails for extra security.

mobile yard ramp

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