Container Ramps

Container Ramps

Allow pallet trucks, forklifts and cars to easily access containers and overcome kerbs.

Container Ramps are a perfect solution for allowing pallet trucks, forklifts, reach trucks and trolleys to easily access containers or overcome kerbs. Here at The Ramp People we offer a range of pallet truck ramps for your requirements, whether you are loading cars into containers for storage, loading and unloading goods into containers or overcoming a kerb by your warehouse

Which Container Ramp Do I Require? 

When considering which container ramp to purchase it is important to check your 'load height'. This is the vertical height from the ground to where the ramp will rest on the container, step or kerb. It is important to obtain the height as the ramps are built for certain heights, for example the length of the ramp is longer for higher heights to ensure you are loading at a smooth gradient. In addition the foot of the ramp is angled for the load height. 

You also need to check what you are loading and the maximum weight of the load. We also suggest considering what you are loading and the items clearance as, if you have very low clearance you may require a longer ramp. Our team are on hand to assist with any enquiries you may have.

container ramps

Pallet Truck Ramps

Pallet trucks often have low clearance and therefore ramps are a popular solution to allow pallet trucks to overcome heights.

We offer a range of pallet truck ramps designed to allow pallet trucks to overcome heights up to 400mm.
Our 1m wide pallet truck ramp offers a 1000kg capacity. No installation is required, simply rest the pallet truck ramp on the container, step or kerb and start using. We also offer a range of aluminium wedge ramps which are suitable for heights from 10mm - 170mm. All of our pallet truck ramps are customisable and TUV certified.

aluminium container ramps

Aluminium Container Ramps for Forklifts and Tracked Machinery

We offer pairs of aluminium container ramps with capacities up to 7500kg. These portable and lightweight ramps can simply be put in place when required. The foot of the ramp is cut for the load height to ensure they sit on the ground during loading and provide smooth entry onto the ramp. These ramps are commonly used for loading forklifts and tracked machinery into containers or over kerbs. Like with our pallet truck ramps, these ramps can be customised and are TUV certified.

Rubber Container Ramp

Modular Rubber Container Ramps 

The Ramp People's Ground Level Shipping Container Ramps have proven a very popular solution for many seeking to unload and load shipping containers at ground level. The ramps offer a 10,000kg capacity and are provided in modular pieces to cover a width of 2.2m. These ramps are available in heights between 150mm - 300mm and can be built to higher heights when required. The rubber ramps are suitable for loading forklifts, pallet trucks, tracked machinery and more. They have also been used to provide wheelchair access into containers which are being used as shops or food stalls. As they are rubber they can be left outside. Please note, the container cannot close with the ramps in place.

Car loading ramps

Car Loading Ramps 

The Ramp People's car loading ramps are a popular solution for loading cars into containers or over kerbs. We offer a range of lengths, widths and capacities to ensure cars are able to overcome heights, despite their clearance. We can also offer custom solutions for cars with especially low clearance, please contact our team for more information. Our rubber kerb ramps can also often assist cars to access driveways, garages, containers or overcome kerbs.


Lightweight Solutions 

For loading trolleys, flightcases and goods into containers or over kerbs we also offer a range of lightweight solutions including our portable kerbhopper which offers a 500kg capacity. In addition we offer a range of rubber kerb ramps which are available in heights up to 200mm.