Modular Wheelchair Ramp outside property

How to Find Your Perfect Modular Wheelchair Ramp with Our Service: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here at The Ramp People we offer Modular Wheelchair Ramps to provide disabled access into commercial buildings and homes.

This guide is specifically tailored to our Modular Wheelchair Ramp products and services at The Ramp People, designed to make the process from your initial inquiry to the installation of your modular wheelchair ramp as straightforward as possible.

Step 1: Initial Contact

The first step towards your ideal Modular Wheelchair Ramp starts with a simple inquiry. You can reach us via email, phone, or through our contact form.

Step 2: Required Information

Upon your initial inquiry, we'll let you know what information we need to create a personalized quote for you. This includes dimensions, door type, and other specific measurements.

Step 3: Dimensions and Photos

The next step involves sending us the dimensions and ideally, pictures of the area where the ramp will be installed. This helps us understand the available space and the orientation of the ramp. Note that we recommend installing a platform every 6 meters for stability and as a resting spot for the wheelchair user.

Modular Wheelchair Ramp customised layouts and measurements

Step 4: Quote Creation

Based on the provided information, we'll create a customised quote for you, which we'll go through step-by-step. If desired, we can also create technical drawings and a 3D model of your ramp.

Step 5: Ordering

Once the quote is discussed, you can place your order directly with us. You will receive an invoice and if you let us know the name and condition of the person you are ordering this ramp for, we will not charge VAT.

Step 6: Delivery and Installation

The modular wheelchair ramp is delivered unassembled on pallets to the curb side. You will be responsible for the assembly, which we recommend doing with at least two people due to the weight of some components.

We do have a comprehensive building instruction and video. Should you come across problems while assembling we can guide you through the process via phone or video call.

Note on Direct Website Purchases:

If you choose to buy directly from our website, we will still contact you to ensure that the selected ramp is indeed the best solution for your needs.

Important Note on Returns:

Please be aware that all our ramps of this type are custom-made, thus returns and refunds are not possible. That's why we place great emphasis on clarifying all details beforehand to ensure you are completely satisfied with your decision.

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