Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System 4.5 High Tunnel System - Tunnel Only

The yellow tunnel connection only to the Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System 4.5" High Tunnel System - to extend the hose system with more tunnels and lanes for hoses.

Cable Protector FAQ's

Width (mm)406
Height (mm)141
Weight (kg)9.5
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  • Easy to Fit
  • One Year Warranty
£390.00 £325.00
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Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System 4.5" 1-Tunnel System feature:

  • Protect large lines up to 4.5" outside diameter
  • High density polyurethane construction
  • Single or multiple tunnel systems available with this system
  • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Modular interlocking design for easy setup, no tools required. Can be set up by one person only. Lightweight, easy to transport and store
  • Diamond-plate tread surface increases traction
  • Yellow caution colour for high visibility
  • Built-in hand holds allow for handling with ease and double as attachment point for mounting brackets
  • Vehicles crossing bridge system must have a clearance of greater than bridge height
  • Hose Bridges are for rubber tired vehicles only, not for equipment with metal tracks
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement
Height (mm) 141
Weight (kg) 9.5
Width (mm) 406
One Year Warranty Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
Capacity per Tyre (kg) 8.750