Checkers UK Distributor - The Ramp People

The Ramp People are proud to be a distributor of the famous Checkers brand. We stock an extensive range of Checkers items, including; cable protectors, wheel stops, hose bridge systems, ground protection, aviation chocks, anti-fatigue mats and more.

Checkers are famous for manufacturing NoTrax Floor Matting, TuffTrak Ground Protection Solutions, Lineback Cable Management Systems, GuardDog Cable Protector and Monster Motion Safety.

Checkers Cable Protector Range

Checkers offer a range of famous, high quality, USA produced cable protectors which The Ramp People are able to supply to you at competitive prices. The range includes Checkers Guard Dog Cable Protectors, Checkers Line Backer Cable Protectors, Checkers Fastlane Cable Covers and Checkers Firefly Cable Protectors.

The Checkers range are popular within the commercial sector, including for industrial use.

The Checkers Guard Dog Cable Protector range, provided in black and orange, are a popular choice, especially in the events sector, as the range includes ADA cable protectors which are perfect for allowing wheelchairs to safely pass over the cables. Checkers also provide additional connections for the cable protectors, including a 4 way cross over and corner sections to allow your cables to take a suitable path.


Checkers Guard Dog Cable Protector


The Checkers Linebacker Cable Protector is provided in orange and yellow. The cable protector safely allows vehicles to pass over cables, with a capacity of 18,280kg. The cable protectors are interlocking to allow you to create any length. Like the Guard Dog range, additional connectors are available to allow your cables to take turns as required.

The Checkers Firefly Cable Protector is perfect for high traffic areas as it is highly visible due to the LED lights within the cable protector.

Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System

The Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System is perfect for protecting hoses up to 4.5"/11.40cm in diameter. The Diamond-Plate tread surface increases traction. The lightweight, modular design ensures ultimate flexibility.


Hose Bridge System

Checkers Wheel Stops / Parking Blocks

The Ramp People also supply a variety of Checkers Wheel Stops in various sizes and lengths including 550mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm. The wheel stops are provided in a variety of colours, for example black and yellow and black and white. All are supplied with fixings for tarmac and concrete.

The wheel stops are produced from 100% recycled rubber with in-molded highway reflective tape to ensure high visibility.

550mm Wheel Stop

Checkers Wheel Chocks

Checkers provide an array of wheel chocks, perfect for a range of vehicles from small cars to large vehicles. The chocks are produced from high quality, highly durable polyurethane. They are UV and weather resistant. In addition, they are resistant to moisture, salt, oils and chemicals. The wheel chocks are orange for high visibility.



Checkers Aviation Chocks

Checkers Monster Aviation Chocks include a wide select of aviation chocks for an extensive range of aircraft sizes. The chocks are lightweight and easy to use. They are provided with a rope-lock system to ensure they remain in place during use. The chocks are yellow to ensure high visibility. Produced from polyurethane, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions, oils, solvents and more.



Safety Rider Mini Hump Vulcanized

The Safety Rider is easy to install and remove as required, allowing it to act as a temporary or permanent traffic control system. The tongue and groove system ensures the ramp stays in place. They are perfect for schools, crossings, hospitals and car parks. The Safety Rider Mini Hump slows traffic down to 15mph. Kits of up to 9500mm are listed on our website however you can purchase a longer kit on request. The humps are embedded with highway tape for high visibility. Fixings for tarmac and concrete are included. The Safety Rider is provided from 100% recycled rubber.



TuffTrak Mats & Ground Protection

Checkers range of TuffTrak mats provide a range of ground protection, whether it is to protect the ground from passing pedestrians, cars, HGVs or cranes, The Ramp People have a solution for you. To identify the mat required, identify the size of the area you wish to cover and the maximum weight which will be passing over the mats. The mats are perfect for protection land at construction sites, festivals, events and more.


Ground Protection TrakMat


Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are perfect for helping workers within the workplace. Whether they will be standing for long periods of time in one place, working in wet areas or working in areas with chemicals, solutions are available to ensure the workers are safe.


Sof-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mats

If you require any Checkers items which are not listed on our website, simply contact our team who will be happy to source these for you!