Outdoor Cable Protectors

Outdoor Cable Protectors

The Ramp People offers a range of outdoor cable protectors for a range of cable sizes.

The Ramp People offers an extensive range of outdoor cable protectors, whether you are protecting cables at events from pedestrian and vehicle traffic or protecting an EV charging cable on your driveway or pavement.

Lightweight Floor Cable Protectors

We hold a range of floor cable protectors in stock with 1 or 2 channels. These lightweight cable protectors, which as often used indoors and outdoors, are designed to protect small cables up to 10mm in diameter. Are range includes all black cable protectors and black and yellow solutions. Available in lengths between 1m - 9m, they can be cut with a knife or saw to your required length. The floor cable protectors are a simple but effective solution for protecting small cables from pedestrian traffic.


floor cable protector


Outdoor Rubber Cable Protectors

We offer a range of rubber outdoor cable protectors provided in lengths of 1m to 9m. The cable protectors are designed to either protect cables up to 20mm in diameter or 40mm in diameter, depending on your chosen option. These rubber cable protectors are a popular solution for protecting EV charging cables from pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic. They are often used on driveways, pavements and private roads to protect cables. Our outdoor cable protector is available in black and yellow whilst our other outdoor cable protectors are available in all black.

These cable protectors are simple to use, simply snap open and insert the cables and then put the cable protector in place. They offer an anti-slip surface and sloped edge design. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the cable covers are highly durable with a 2,000kg capacity.


Heavy duty Outdoor Cable Protectors


Heavy Duty Cable Protectors - 2, 3 or 5 Channel

Our 2, 3 and 5-channel cable protectors are a popular choice for those seeking to protect cables at events, on roads and on driveways. The black and yellow heavy duty cable protectors are interlocking allowing you to cover your required cable length. The 5-channel cable protector protects cables up to 31mm in diameter whilst the 2-channel option protects large cables up to 82mm in diameter. These waterproof outdoor cable protectors offer a 10,000kg capacity, making them suitable for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Heavy duty cable protector