Folding Wheelchair Ramps

How wide is a portable wheelchair ramp?

Wheelchair Ramps are provided in various widths, our standard folding wheelchair ramp is 720mm wide. The key is to check the width of your doorway to ensure the ramp will fit in the required door. In addition the width of the wheelchair needs to be checked to ensure the wheelchair will fit on the chosen ramp.

Can I rent a wheelchair ramp?

No, we do not rent wheelchair ramps. By selling new ramps only, we are able to offer at least a 1 year warranty. This can only be provided on new ramps as we can ensure they are provided to you in perfect condition.

What is a portable wheelchair ramp?

Portable wheelchair ramps are designed to be used on a temporary basis. They are often folding or telescopic for ease of storage and transport. These ramps can be great for those who wish to travel or use the ramps on a variety of steps/thresholds. Portable wheelchair ramps can be used to overcome steps and doorways at home. The access ramps are also often used by businesses and shops that wish to comply with the Equality Act and provide reasonable adjustments for wheelchair users but who are unable to, or have yet to build a permanent wheelchair ramp. 

How long does a wheelchair ramp need to be and what is the maximum slope of a ramp?

We recommend a minimum of a 1:6 gradient for manual wheelchair, 1:8 gradient for electric wheelchairs and scooters. A 1:12 gradient is recommended for modular ramp systems. Use our ramp calculator to assist with this.

Do you have wheelchair ramps for narrow doorways? 

For narrow doorways, we would suggest viewing our channel ramps (only suitable for manual wheelchairs) or our 66cm wide RollAble ramp. For heights up to 177mm you can view our rubber ramps as, because they are rubber you can cut them to fit your required door width. 

Are portable wheelchairs safe? 

As long as portable ramps are used within the capacity stated for the ramp, for their recommended purpose (loading wheelchairs) and within the recommended load height they are safe to use. 

What is a suitcase ramp?

A suitcase ramp is a folding portable wheelchair ramp which folds up as if it were a suitcase to allow the user to easily carry the ramp and use in alternative locations. 

Are wheelchair ramps suitable for manual and electric wheelchairs? 

Our standard folding ramps and our rubber threshold ramps are suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters. Channel ramps are only suitable for manual wheelchairs. If you are unsure please check the symbols on the product page which state which types of wheelchairs they are suitable for you, alternatively simply ask one of our advisers 

How much does an aluminium ramp cost? 

Our aluminium wheelchair ramps come in a variety of ranges, some of which are cheaper than others. You can view our economy range here for some of the cheaper options.

I am unsure what ramp would work for my doorway, do you provide site visits? 

We are an online business so we do not provide site visits however you can email over pictures of the area and measurements and our team will be able to provide recommendations. You can also send the details to us via our chat function or WhatsApp. We do also offer a 30-day return period (with the exception of built-to-order items) if the ramp is not suitable you can return it to us. 

Do I qualify for VAT exemption? 

Wheelchair Ramps can be purchased VAT exempt if you have a long term disability. Simply enter your full name (or the name of the person the ramp is for) and disability in the checkout box. If you are a charity, simply enter the charity name and number. 

Can folding wheelchair ramps be left outside? 

Our folding wheelchair ramps are not designed to be left outside. If you wish to leave the ramp outside we suggest viewing our outdoor wheelchair ramps

What regulations are there around portable wheelchair ramps? 

At present there a limited regulations around portable wheelchair ramps as the regulations for wheelchair ramps focus more on permanent fixed wheelchair ramps. In terms of portable wheelchair ramps, we suggest referring to the Equality Act which requires reasonable adjustments to be made to provide those with disabilities access. 

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