Container Ramp

Container Ramp Buying Guide

The Ramp People's wide array of in stock container ramps are perfect for loading forklifts, pallet trucks, trolleys and machinery into containers, up kerbs or up steps. With capacities up to 15,000kg available, and customisable solutions our team will easily be able to help find a solution for you. Free delivery across mainland UK.

Often you need to load forklifts, pallet trucks, trolleys and other machinery into containers or up kerbs. A ramp is a perfect solution to help you load your items up these low heights safely. It is essential to check your load height and capacity to help you identify what ramp will be best for your requirements. Here at The Ramp People we have a wide array of in stock container ramps, perfect for loading up low heights. Many of the ramps are designed with low clearance items in mind, meaning loading your forklift or pallet truck is not a problem.

For heavy duty Container Ramps, for example if you are loading machinery including forklifts, we recommend viewing our Rubber Container Ramps and Aluminium Container Ramps. For loading lighter items, such as pallet trucks, we would suggest our Pallet Truck Ramps or Wedge Container Ramps which have a maximum capacity of 2920kg.

Rubber Container Ramps

Our Rubber Container Ramps are modular solutions, provided in sections to allow one person to put the ramp out in place and remove it after use. The modular pieces also means the ramps are easy to store when not in use.

Dog bone connectors are used to hold the sections securely into place. The ramps are provided in a width of 2200mm to cover the full width of the container.

As they are rubber, they are extremely durable with a capacity of 10,000kg. They can be left outside however, please note you do need to remove the ramps to allow you to close the container.

The Rubber Container Ramps are available in heights up to 300mm. The ramps are built to a 1:8 – 1:9 gradient, depending on the load height selected, for smooth loading making these perfect for loading forklifts and pallet trucks.


Easily load forklifts up the Rubber Container Ramp - 10,000kg Capacity

Aluminium Container Ramps

Our Aluminium Container Ramps are provided as a pair. We have a wide range available, suitable for heights from 120mm – 400mm with capacities ranging from 1250kg – 7500kg. The ramps are produced in the EU and are all TUV certified and customisable. Simply rest the ramps onto the container, or kerb, and start loading.

The ramps are perfect for loading machinery, including forklifts, up heights of up to 400mm. Like the Rubber Container Ramps, they are built to accommodate items with low ground clearance.

As the aluminium container ramps are fully customisable, we can of course cut the ramps for alternatively load heights if required. Alternative connection types can also be provided.

The foot of the ramps are all cut for the advertised load height to ensure the foot of the ramp rests securely on the ground during loading. It is important to only load at the advertised load heights, loading below/above the recommended load height will prevent the foot end resting securely on the ground and make loading unsafe. The warranty will also be voided. Please note, the ramps are not suitable for solid wheels.


Pair of TUV Certified Aluminium Loading Ramps


Pallet Truck Ramps

Our Pallet Truck Ramps are the perfect solution for loading pallet trucks into containers, up kerbs or up steps. They are designed to load up heights of up to 175mm and are provided with a 1000kg capacity. They are provided with a width of 1000kg, making them suitable for most pallet trucks. They are provided in lengths up to 2400mm to ensure you obtain a smooth gradient for loading, especially as pallet trucks generally have low ground clearance.

The Pallet Truck Ramps are TUV certified, produced in Europe and are of course customisable. If you require the ramps to be cut for an alternative height or have any other specific requirements please contact our team who will be happy to provide you with a customised solutions for your needs.

The ramp is simple to use, simply rest it onto the container or kerb and start loading. Like the Aluminium Container Ramps, the foot of the ramp is cut for the specific load height so it is important to only load at a maximum height of 175mm. The angled foot ensures smooth entrance onto the ramp.


Pallet Truck Ramp 1000kg Capacity


Wedge Container Ramps

The Wedge Container Ramps simply sit up against the step or container, rather than resting onto the step/container. They are TUV certified, produced in Europe and fully customisable.

The standard width is 1000mm however this can be changed if required. The Wedge Ramps are available in heights up to 120mm and can hold capacities up to 2920kg. The ramps are produced from aluminium and therefore are relatively lightweight.

The wedge ramps are the perfect solution for loading pallet trucks and trolleys and equipment up heights of up to 120mm, for example within warehouses or factories. The chequered surface design provides optimal grip.


Customisable Wedge Ramp


Rubber & Plastic Kerb Ramps

For heights up to 150mm, we also offer a range of Rubber Kerb Ramps, and Plastic Kerb Ramps, which can assist with loading up heights between 4mm – 150mm. Simply put up against the step, threshold or container and start loading.

The ramps range in capacity and gradient depending on the option chosen however, our Rubber Kerb Ramps up to 70mm provide a perfect, durable but cheap solution for loading up heights between 4mm and 70mm. The ramps are built to a 1:10 gradient, making them perfect for items with low ground clearance. Prices start at just £15.00 + VAT.


Rubber Ramp, 1:10 gradient, 1000kg Capacity


Our Rubber Kerb Ramps with yellow reflectors are provided in capacities up to 40,000kg however, please remember these are built to a steeper gradient and therefore we would not suggest using these for loading items with low clearance, such as forklifts and pallet trucks. They are perfect however for loading vehicles into containers. Fixings for tarmac and concrete are included. Bulk discounts are offered on our Rubber Kerb Ramps.

Rubber Kerb Ramps with Yellow Reflectors Available in 100mm & 150mm


Yard Ramps

Our Mobile Yard Ramps are perfect for loading and unloading shipping containers which are located on a vehicle. They are a perfect way to speed up the loading and unloading of containers, in turn saving your team time and saving the company money in the long term.

Due to the smooth gradient, the Yard Ramps are suitable for forklifts and items with low ground clearance. In addition, plant machinery can of course also drive up the ramps.

The ramps are adjustable in height (between 800mm – 1650mm) due to the hydraulic assist. The ramps can also easily be manoeuvred using a forklift.

The ramps are produced in Europe and are CE certified.

The mesh, anti-slip surface ensures safe loading at all times.

The mobile ramps can be provided with handrails to ensure your team are safe if you plan to have colleagues walking up the ramp.

Mobile Yard Ramps, Quickly Unload Containers