CMC MC3012 Monster Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks(37cm W x 27cm H x 55cm L) Yellow

Checkers Monster heavy duty wheel chocks are manufactured with highly durable, lightweight polyurethane for ground vehicles and feature a large base that makes them ideal for use with heavy equipment such as haul trucks, loaders and cranes.

Wheel Chocks FAQ's

Length (mm)550
Width (mm)370
Height (mm)270
Weight (kg)10.8
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  • Easy to Fit
  • One Year Warranty
£374.40 £312.00
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TRP-MC3012 rated for vehicles with a gross operating weight up to 725,748 kg (855,000 lbs.), and tire sizes up to 241.3 cm (142 in.) diameter. Maximum rated payload of 255 tons.

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  • Weather-resistant, lightweight polyurethane construction
  • Resistant to oils, fuels, and solvents
  • Eyebolt or mounting bolt for ropes and chains
  • Small design makes for easy storage
  • High visibility Yellow color

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Height (mm) 270
Length (mm) 550
Weight (kg) 10.8
Width (mm) 370
One Year Warranty Yes
Easy to Fit Yes